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Term: - service to sell datamining for online poker players.

You can not only buy hand histories once a package or subscribe to receive them daily, but also automatically change the derived limits, the size of the tables, poker rooms, temporarily stop or cancel the subscription.

You also have the option in your account or using our application HHSenderLoader download several files in one click. You can re-download the files ore mining, you have lost any way.

Here you can buy datamining PokerStars, PartyPoker, Ipoker, 888 (Pacific Poker), Ongame at the best prices and conditions.

All of these histories can be imported into PokerTracker 3/4, HoldemManager 1/2, PokerOffice, Poker Strategy Elephant.
Just here you will find:

  • rapid execution of orders and responses support
  • detailed statistics on the number of hands for each limit, the size of the table and a poker room for every day
  • high percentage of coverage of hands played
  • the opportunity to get the hand history for free,
  • tiered discounts
  • accumulating personal discount
  • Periodic, temporary promotions and discounts,
  • articles and tutorials that use Mining poker.

We know that many poker rooms prohibit watching datamining and sometimes even block the accounts for that.
For example, data mining and any use prohibited by the rules of poker room PokerStars.
Mining at FullTilt, Ipoker, statistics collection PartyPoker, Ongame, 888, Merge rules also prohibited.
After paying a few BB limit per month, you can not worry about finding a program for datamining, their configuration, not risk blocking the account in the poker room.
With our service you can buy hand histories of almost any poker room. The number of poker players is increasing every day, the best of them are constantly engaged in self-improvement and do not miss a single opportunity to be in front of everyone. And Mining hand plays a significant role.
We will save you from these and other problems related to datamining.

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