16.10.2013 New update site. Added a lot of new features in your account.

New update site. Added a lot of new features in your account.

Changed the service subscriptions:
- Now each position ( if more than one ) is in the order separately.
- Payment for the order is placed on the user's balance and every day after the issuance of links with this balance is debited for one day.

This allows you at any time in your account to manage each item separately :
- freeze
- activated
- cancel
- change the duration of the subscription
- add a new position or to remove unnecessary

Each time the changes you've made ​​your recalculation of all active subscriptions with all the discounts, so you can choose the duration of the receipt of each item based on your available balance of funds.
You can also top up your balance on any amount , such as a day or two in advance , and if the need for subscriptions will be gone , just not top up - all active subscriptions will automatically disabled when using up resources.

This is the main but not all of the improvements of our website , we hope that the work performed will make the site more convenient for you !

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