HHSenderLoader - client downloader


Download latest version 1.2


Our client automatic download and unzip handhistories, so you no need waiting an e-mails, manually unzip... just run HHSenderLoader. But you can still download the hands via email.

HHSenderLoader no need install, just unpack and run! (Microsoft .net 2.0 or higher is required.)


  • Support all our handhistories.
  • Auto check/download/unzip new archives.
  • Delete/move unzipped archives.
  • Work in system tray.
  • Notification for subscription finishing.
  • Notification for update client (update in one click).
  • Redownload downloaded hands (up to 3 times).

Download latest version 1.0

How to run?

  1. Download latest version (archive)
  2. Unzip in any place. Right click->extract here. Will create folder HHSenderLoader.
  3. Run HHSenderLoader.exe
  4. In firs time you will need paste your login, password and folders for hands on tab "Options". Thats all.


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