Checkmath Poker - a hybrid of huge GTO solutions database and a solver for strategy recalculation on the fly if you need specific bet sizing. In just a few clicks you can choose a spot you play, own cards and a board, and you'll get strategy and all relevant info (evs, equities) for this hand from preflop to the river. All possible starting hands and board runouts.

Additional featues:
-More than 450 of spots and 10 million of flops solved.
-You can integrate your own solutions and use them locally side by side with Checkmath's.
-FULL (1755 flops) aggregation reports on all spots
-Low exploitability solutions (<1% for SRP, <0.5% for 3b/4b pots)
-Large variety of tree settings for spot recalculation
-Similar flop suggestion if you lack chosen board in imported spot 

You can get completely free 3-day trial, no payment details needed.


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