• 1. Payment options.

- Webmoney    Z161852888340, E111809803264, R317569416318
- Skrill        sales@hhsender.com
- Neteller    sales@hhsender.com
- Paypal      hhsender.com@gmail.com
- Moneta.ru    USD 10105023, RUB 63663846
- Яндекс.Деньги    41001401086407

-We can accept some cryptocurrencies, for details contact us via e-mail or skype.



  • 2. Time fulfillment of an order.

In the case of subscription of the first link you will be sent within 1-30 minutes, depending on the payment method, the package may require hand more time to prepare.
The maximum term of the order 24 hours.
daily updates:
-via e-mail - to 17-00 GMT,
-via software or personal account - when ready packages, usually earlier than e-mail. At some rooms may update a few times a day.

  • 3. How do I get handhistories?

You can get handhistories in three ways:
-To receive the download links via e-mail,
-Download handhistories in web interface on our website in a your account page,
-By means of our software which with a set interval will download new files and extract them to a specific location.


  • 4. Can I change the limit \ room during the subscription?

Yes, you can suspend or cancel a subscription, change the limit, room, game type or tables in a your account page or by contacting our support.


  • 5. What is the subscription and packages of hands. What is the difference between the subscription and package.

Subscribe - receive a daily hand history of played the previous day. Here you will have every day fresh hands .
For example by ordering the 10th November a monthly subscription with the start of 7th November , you 'll immediately receive hands for 6,7,8,9 November and continue until the 6th of December will receive daily hand history of played the previous day.
By default, when the order start date is set to 3 days earlier than the current date. You can change the date of start , but it can not be different more than 7 days from the current date . Ie order subscription on 10th November , you can put a date of start not earlier than the 3rd of November and no later than the 17th of November. Estimate the number of hands which you get immediately, you can looked at the chart statistics that appears to the right , under the basket order. It displays the graph of number of hands by days and are text - in the last 7 days , 30 days and the average daily number. If you need more hands than for the previous 7 days you will need to order a package of hands.
It should be noted that in most cases the package is worth more than the hands subscription obtained by counting the number of hands in the same amount.

Package of hands - one time purchase of a certain number of earlier played hands.
Sometimes you may need a hands collected over a long period , for the last month or two or even six months .
For example, you are going to play on a completely new for you limit, type of game , in a new room. Or your chosen limit played very few hands - 500 per day or 1-2 thousand. In this case, 3-10 thousand hands collected for the previous week will be a little for reliable statistics, here will help you buy a package of hands.
By default, the package contains the latest hands mined hands ordered limit, ie starting from yesterday and earlier, until there is a right amount . But you can specify in comments period you are interested and we will choose for you the right hands , such as 500k hands " for 15.10.2013 and earlier" or 500k hands " for 15.10.2013 and later."



  • 6. I do not get an e-mail when register or made ​​the order.

After registration, order, request a new password, as well as in the daily delivery service we will send an email to the registration letter.
Unfortunately, many email providers perceive our mail as spam, so first check the folder "spam". If our letters is not there, it is likely that your email provider does not pass our letters.
In this case, we recommend using a different email or use our service without using email.

Providers that do not have problems - @ yandex.ru, @ mail.ru, @ gmail.com.
Providers that often block our mail - @ yahoo.com, @ hotmail.com, @ web.de, @ btinternet.com, @outlook.com.

You can have the same use our service without the use of mail. Just remember your password when you register, and all further actions you can perform from your personal account, including download ordered hands, view / modify existing orders, view balance, the value of orders, and so on.


  • 7 How can i order hands for PokerStars for CAP only tables  or non CAP only tables or all tables type?

Subscription will contains hands for all tables type. If you no need CAP tables, then you can delete from unpacked arhieve all files wich names contains _CAP_.

Package of hands by default contains nonCAP only tables. If you need all hands or CAP only hands, then write note for order - "CAP only hands", "CAP+nonCAP" etc.


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